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Didot is an modern serif typeface, which can be identified by it’s extreme stroke contrast. It uses hairline serfs with out bracketing, presents vertical stress in rounded strokes and has a small x height. What draws me to this font is the drastic variation in stroke and the hairline linear edges giving the font an elegant look.

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Didot inspired by John Baskerville’s use of an expanded stroke contrast and condensed armature was said to be experimental. Its design had strayed away from traditional calligraphic styles in the 18th century in a time when typefaces became stagnated. Didot is now renown in the fashion industry, used in fashion magazine such as Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar.

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Didot is categorized as a family of fonts which was originally created by Firmin Didot between the 18th and 19th centuries. Firmin Didot was born in Paris, France into a family of printers established by François Didot, who was his grandfather. The process of printing with a lead cast, also know as stereotype was invented by Firmin Didot.